Blueprint Advisors


Working in the high tech industry, Blueprint Partners advises clients in fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, strategy, and business development. Clients in Europe and the United States include technology start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and venture capitalists (VC).

Through its vast network of leaders in the technology and international venture capital space, Blueprint Partners has unique expertise in generating business agreements, securing investments, finalising financial transactions, and helping to predict trends and future leading players in specific technology sectors.

Sectors of Expertise

✦ Telecom Network Solutions ✦ Mobile Apps & Platforms ✦ M2M & IoT
✦ SaaS ✦ Digital Transactions & Security
✦ Digital Media ✦ Social Media Intelligence
✦ eMarketing ✦ Web2Store ✦ eCommerce

Clients talk about Blueprint


George Koukis, Chairman, Temenos

"Blueprint hands-on approach really helped us in the business as well as in finding the right partner for Leadformance"

Laurent Censier, CEO, oclio

"Thank you Blueprint !!!" Read his blog

Eric Carreel, CEO, Inventel

"Blueprint has strongly contributed in validating our main strategic focus."

Clients in the News


October 2016

Linkfluence closes a 12m€ round and grow globally.

May 2016

WineAdvisor accelerates with new strategic investors.

Oct 2015

Nomad Education attracts financing to boost its EdTech Platform [...]

Oct 2015

Linkfluence acquires ActSocial [...]

July 2015

D-BI raises 3,5m€ [...]

July 2015

Linkfluence acquiers Die Medialysten, main media monitoring player in Germany [...]

May 2015

Kobojo closes a $7m round to create amazing mobile RPG games [...]

Sept 2014

Plyce closes a 1.5m€ round to accelerate its development [...]

June 2014

Solocal acquires Leadformance [...]

March 2014

Linkfluence acquires TrendyBuzz and raises 3m€ to accelerate its development [...]

Feb. 2014

Astellia acquires Ingenia Telecom [...]

Sept 2013

Linkfluence closes a 3.5m€ round with Banexi [...]

July 2013

Sigma Gestion joins Seventure and Naxicap as shareholder of Motwin [...]

January 2013

BuyBox welcomes Iris Capital and Midi Capital [...]

December 2012

Sensorly closes its first round [...]

October 2012

Veoprint is acquired by Fiducial [...]

June 2012

Blueprint advises Juritravail in its sales to Vivendi [...]

November 2011

Blueprint advises Leadformance in its operation with PagesJaunes [...]

November 2011

Blueprint advises Mootwin in its 4M€ Private Placement [...]

May 2011

Blueprint advises KDS in its 4M€ Private Placement [...]

Sept 2010

Blueprint advises Videoagency in its Private Placement [...]

Sept 2010

Blueprint advises Webdyn in its 1.5M€ Private Placement [...]

April 2010

Blueprint advises oclio in its 4M€ Private Placement [...]